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Mastering the Art of Conversation

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Mastering the art of conversation is a major factor in our day-to-day lives and also crucial in our journey to success. Most problems in relationships occur because of breakdowns in the communication process.

Either the senders do not communicate what they mean clearly enough, or the receivers do not receive the message in the form it’s expected. Or probably a different connotation other than what the sender intends is attached to the message being passed.

If you would check within yourself deeply, you would understand that most of the time issues between you and others stem from communication. Therefore, in other to master this art, the following tips will help.

1. Keep Conversations Straightforward and Simple

It’s best to keep conversations as straightforward as possible. The best communicators aren’t those who use a lot of words, hence avoid garnishing your message. When you need something, come right out and say it straight up as simple as possible.

2. Save Your Time and Your Subject’s Time

Respect people’s time and your time too. Busy people don’t have much time when dealing with people, so it’s best not to waste anyone’s time by beating around the bush. You may lose the only time your subject has allotted to you before you finish the garnishing, praise singing and how are “yous.” It will be so sad if you are discharged before you even get close to your main topic. Why not just shoot straight the first point you got?

3. Accept Being Brilliant in Some Things and Clueless in Other Things

Let go of every need to appear smart, every need to fit in and every need to be accepted. It’s entirely ok to be good at some things and suck at other things. Just be yourself and let your goal guide you always. When you focus on the goal in every conversation, it’s not difficult to find the right words or way to articulate your point. You will only have difficulty when your goal is not compelling enough.

4. Sounding Stupid Sometimes is More a Blessing Than a Curse

When you sound stupid in a particular conversation it has its upside, as each time this happens, you determine never to let it happen again and begin to learn better ways of how to improve your conversational skills. Thereby learning better and more endearing ways of conversing better. Without the little and significant slips, you won’t make the extra effort needed to be better.

5. Understand Manipulation Can’t Take Anyone Very Far

Smart People can spot manipulation from a far distance, so it’s best not to try to at all. The only people a manipulator can succeed with are ‘low people’, they can’t get their way with the people that matter. Even when they don’t act like they are getting suspicious, they quickly put you on their 'suspects’ list so just forget about the sweet tongue. It’s useless!

6. Continue the Learning Process

The learning process never ends. You will have to keep improving and improving every time as your audience changes. But the simple secret is to stick to the goal. When your focus is on the purpose, you hardly can go wrong because all you just do is start with the end result in mind and the right way and style will come to you.

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